Weird and Wonderful Shark Sightings

Sharks have been in the news fairly frequently this past summer in Atlantic Canada. So, we thought it would be a good opportunity to take ShARCC’s blog début to recap on three of the weirdest and most interesting shark sightings.

Probably the most talked about shark event of the summer was the three-meter, 272-kilogram juvenile white shark that was caught in a fishermen’s weir near Economy in the Bay of Fundy. What a lot of Canadians don’t realize is that Canada is within the range of this shark’s habitat and that they undoubtedly are in our waters more than we think. What people should note is that the white sharks, like other shark populations in the North Atlantic, have been estimated to have declined by about 80% over the last few decades. A situation that is not unique to these species, but descriptive of the overall trend.

With regards to a more common species of shark in our waters, a four-foot porbeagle shark was spotted in St. Margaret’s Bay. Although the porbeagle shark is more common to our waters than other species, it is less common to see these sharks so close to shore. To see the porbeagle spotted, visit our youtube channel.

Probably the weirdest shark sighting of the summer was the catch of a one meter sand tiger shark by an angler fishing for bass off of a pier in the Petitcodiac River in southern New Brunswick. Sighting of one is a rare occurrence for Atlantic Canada. While fishermen have reported seeing these species, these sightings are limited to areas farther offshore and in warm waters. As shark scientist Steve Campana said, “This is the time where we get the weird and wonderful visitors from our southern neighbour”.

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