Shark Survey in the Northwest Atlantic

Project Collaborators:

Dr. Steven Campana (DFO - Canadian Shark Research Lab)

Atlantic Shark Association

Project Status:

In Progress

Type of Initiative:


Project Location:

Atlantic Canada

For which Shark Species:

Porbeagle shark (Lamna nasus)

Project Description:

The 2005 Recovery Potential Assessment (RPA) for porbeagle shark stated that a shark-directed survey would be required if the directed fishery for porbeagle was to be continued. The primary objective of a time series of shark surveys would be to monitor the status of the porbeagle population in response to recovery efforts, by providing a fishery-independent estimate of relative abundance and size composition. The first shark survey was completed in June 2007, and the second survey was completed in July 2009. The results indicated that the relative abundance in the two surveys was very similar, as was predicted by the population model. The shark survey will be repeated every 5 years to confirm that population recovery is continuing.

Previous Work:

Campana, S. E., Gibson, A. J. F., Fowler, M., Dorey, A., and Joyce, W. 2010. Population dynamics of porbeagle in the northwest Atlantic, with an assessment of status to 2009 and projections for recovery. Collect. Vol. Sci. Pap. ICCAT, 65(6): 2109-2182. pdf

Campana, S.E., Joyce, W., Marks, L., Hurley, P., Natanson, L., Kohler, N.E., Jensen, C.F., Mello, J.J., Pratt Jr, H.L., Myklevoll, S. and Harley, S. 2008. The rise and fall (again) of the porbeagle shark population in the Northwest Atlantic. P. 445-461 (In): Sharks of the Open Ocean: Biology, Fisheries and Conservation. [eds M.D. Camhi, E.K. Pikitch and E.A. Babcock]. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, U.K. pdf

Gibson, AJF and SE Campana. 2005. Status and recovery potential of porbeagle shark in the Northwest Atlantic. CSAS Res. Doc. 2005/53. 79 p. pdf

Contact Information:

Dr. Steven Campana
Senior Scientist
Canadian Shark Research Laboratory
Bedford Institute of Oceanigraphy
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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